Programs Available In Your Area

The Health and Wellness Programs offered at Giant Eagle® locations offer an array of classes and events to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Below is a current listing of programs going on in our stores now. Schedules are updated regularly with new classes and dates so please check back regularly.




Initial Personal Nutrition Coaching

Want to find your perfect fit and reach your nutrition goals? Giant Eagle offers Personal Nutrition Coaching–a one-on-one counseling service with a registered dietitian that’s designed to help you address specific nutrition concerns, such as weight management, heart health and diabetes. You can even record your food intake and physical activity with your own Lifestyle Log. Initial sessions are 60-minutes in length.


Follow-Up Personal Nutrition Coaching

Need on-going motivation to reach your nutrition goals? Giant Eagle offers follow up appointments to the initial Personal Nutrition Coaching. You can continue to record and review your food intake and physical activity with your own Lifestyle Log and the registered dietitian. Follow-up sessions are 30-minutes in length.


In-Aisle Excursion: MyPlate Nutrition Made Simple

Have you heard about MyPlate? The USDA has created MyPlate to replace the MyPyramid which showcases all of the food groups adults should be consuming everyday. MyPlate is a visual way to show how much of each food group should be consumed at each meal. Focus on making half of your grains whole grains, keeping dairy fat free or low fat, and fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables. Join our Giant Eagle, in-store, registered dietitians to see how you can make your meals fit into MyPlate!


In-Aisle Excursion: Who Needs Gluten?

With cases of gluten intolerance and celiac disease on the rise; chances are you or someone you know has been given the challenging task of sticking to a gluten-free diet. Our in-store, registered dietitians want to help you learn the basics of crafting a diet free of wheat, rye and barley. After attending this in-aisle excursion, you will be able to easily identify gluten free items in all of our departments and give your diet a healthy makeover.


In-Aisle Excursion: Shopping with Diabetes in Mind

Do you or someone you know have diabetes? If so, you probably know how important it is to select the appropriate foods. With diabetes, all foods can fit - but learning to read the label and interpret it will help in fitting in those favorite foods. During this tour a focus will be on using a food label to determine the number of carbohydrate servings a food is and how that relates to diabetes. Specific meal plans and carbohydrate levels will not be provided, but a general guideline will be available.


In-Aisle Excursion: Indulge Without the Bulge!

Managing your weight doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite foods! Beat the bulge by learning to make healthy modifications to your favorite recipes. Your registered dietitian will teach you how to compare products and make better food choices that are high in taste and low in calories. Focus on your favorite foods, and explore calorie-saving baking and cooking tips.


Eat Well. Be Well: Beyond Basics!

$60.00 fee for 4 week series.

Have you ever wanted to learn about nutrition at a higher level, to travel through the mind of a Registered Dietitian? Eat Well. Be Well: Beyond Basics not only silences the misconceptions you see on the TV, read on the internet or in magazines, but reaches beyond the basics of general nutrition. This course dives into disease fighting phytonutrients, essential amino acids, complex carbohydrates, and anti-inflammatory fats. Embark on an enlightening journey through the grocery store, and delve deeper into the science behind the foods you eat. Join our Registered Dietitian’s for a class that will teach you how to Eat Well to Be Well! for life!

Tour of The Store

A guided tour of the grocery store with a “hot topic” dietary concern leading the way. You will learn how to read a food label for the tour’s “hot topic” and get specifics on nutrients and ingredients of concern.

There is no charge for this event – reserve your spot today!

Classes meet at the customer service counter.

Wellness Workshop

These workshops are designed to be educational, interactive, motivational and action-oriented. This is an ideal forum for individuals seeking to learn more about taking an active role in their health.

Topics vary each month and are also posted on the Health & Wellness event chalkboard in the store.

There is a $10.00 fee for this workshop – reserve your spot today!

Classes meet at the customer service counter.